I’ve had a few lucky moments in my life.

Once, when riding a rollercoaster at 6 Flags Great America theme park in Chicago, I was strapped in and hurdling down on a ride that was vertical and kept riders suspended as it zipped up and down in a straight line. It had the ability to snatch the breath entirely from your lungs. I was screaming, eyes watering, when we reached the top of the ride. At the peak of the beast, a brand new package of cigarettes fell out of my pocket, hovered at eye contact and then we zoomed away before I could see where the smokes ended up. Post-ride we were walking around, with a dizzy head and I saw the pack! Right in front of me. Somehow it stayed in tact and landed on the ground, and I found it! Not a wining lotto ticket, but hey, still pretty lucky.

When it comes to real success, nothing happens by chance.

Yes, sometimes the winds of chance flutter in your favour. Once in a while, Lady Luck materializes in the way of making a valuable contact or getting the opportunity to show off talents. When it comes to big life events or serious successes, serendipity goes out the window.  Every choice made along the way, every extra hour put into your work will pay off.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of feeling small, or unqualified when staring down a new and certainly challenging career move. Stop.

They chose you and it wasn’t an accident. You earned the spot. Now prove why you were the right choice.