I’m running behind on this post, so I am going to keep it short and (hopefully) to the point. As midnight continues to rap on my forehead, and prod me between the shoulders, the only thing I can think about is how important friends are. Real friends. I mean the ones you stay up until 3 a.m. with telling incomprehensibly embarrassing stories made of pure blackmail ammunition. Cheeks ache, tears stream down your faces as you cackle and try to remember how on earth you did something that stupid.

We can’t escape our family. We love them and they love us. In part, this is because we have to. No one is going anywhere and eventually you grow out of the sibling rivalry and away from the teen angst years. You stop trying to undermine your parents and miraculously surrender and accept you’ve loved one another more than anything this whole damn time. Everyone was just was too stubborn to show it.

Friends are another story. We are drawn to people we need or relate to at a certain point in our lives. Often friends fall out of touch. People grow up, others don’t. Habits change and life trajectories split. A true friendship is magnetic. It’s a force that can carry the bond across years, countries and hardships. For as much love there is in this life, there’s as much pain. Friends hold each other up when life starts wildly swinging and lands a devastating blow. Take care of your friends. Chances are you’ll be there for the hardest things in life they go through.

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