Not that anyone would have noticed, but I didn’t post last week because I was very ill and spent the entire weekend in bed. I’m so pleased to be back on my feet and feeling better. Whenever I beat a cold or illness of any kind I always feel so grateful once I’m healthy. You never notice or appreciate how well your body works or how comfortable you are until you aren’t.

One annoying part of being bedridden is the inability to eat what you want. For me that’s probably the worst part of being sick. Food is such a big enjoyment in my life. I love experiencing new food and there is nothing I won’t at the very least, try. I forget that some people don’t care about food. We have a friend who eats purely out of utility. He doesn’t care about trying new dishes and he’s so picky that he’s never come over for dinner and we don’t bother inviting him anymore. He doesn’t share the same desire and lust for new and different cuisine. It honestly bewilders me.

As I romanticize food, I don’t mean sitting and stuffing your face. That’s not what I enjoy about food. I like planning, buying ingredients, growing ingredients and the actual process of cooking. In many ways, it’s therapeutic. I take pleasure in sitting down to a meal with friends and family. A good friend of mine recently gave us a huge compliment and I’ve been thinking about it since he said it. It was something along the lines of how impressed he was with how much care and time we spend preparing meals. It doesn’t sound like a breathtaking comment, but I was touched by it. He noticed our efforts and offered a compliment. It’s really nice when your work doesn’t go unnoticed!

One of our favourite dishes to make is homemade wonton soup. It’s essentially just ground pork, green onion, carrot, water chestnuts and spices wrapped in a small square wonton wrapper. We get somewhat of an assembly line going when it’s wonton time. This week we got into it and now have a tons of wontons to spare in the freezer.  Simple, yet satisfying and a wonderful way to spend an evening.

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